About Us

About Precise Discovery

Precise Discovery, LLC, helps attorneys and their teams accurately navigate the collection, organization, and production of digital data during investigations and litigation. The company’s lawyers and tech professionals offer a deep knowledge of legal strategy and best practices backed by over 40 years of combined experience with e-discovery and digital forensics. Coupling that know-how with cutting-edge technology, Precise Discovery provides tailored e-discovery and digital forensics plans for legal teams of any size, giving attorneys a competitive edge in their matters.  

Precise Discovery’s origin story began around the time the term “e-discovery” entered the legal lexicon. In 2007, Peter L. Mansmann, Esq., created an e-discovery services division for his litigation-technology company, Precise, Inc., after recognizing the increasing need for electronically-stored information management leading up to a trial. William J. Saccani, Esq., a trial consultant at the time for Precise, came on board the new division, ultimately rising to president of Precise Discovery, LLC, a subsidiary of Precise, Inc., established in 2017. Similarly, Jeffrey Stiegler, first hired as director of information technology for Precise, Inc., parlayed his IT experience into a valuable e-discovery provider role and now holds the position of digital forensics examiner for Precise Discovery.  

Our collective years of experience have helped us become some of the best at delivering comprehensive e-discovery and digital forensics solutions with precision, defensibility, and practicality.