eDiscovery Solutions to Match Your Case

eDiscovery, in many cases, has become the tail wagging the dog. The discovery obligations often become the most cumbersome part of the matter. With the vast amount of data and data sources accompanying almost any case today, attorneys can’t approach every case as a one-size-fits-all. Our project managers will sit down with you at the beginning of your project to understand your needs, timelines, and any other constraints you face. We’ll then help craft a plan that fits your case, leveraging first-in-class technologies and proven methods. We bring practicality to complexity.

Leverage our over 40 years of experience to manage your eDiscovery needs defensibly and efficiently.

eDiscovery Services

Precise offers a full suite of eDiscovery services. Because the types of needs can vary, it’s next to impossible to list everything. That’s why we typically suggest an initial case overview call to make sure we understand your needs and provide options that best meet them. The list below encompasses some of the most requested eDiscovery services.

Our experts have helped review, craft, and respond to hundreds of ESI protocols and court orders. Precise understands the language unique to this industry and the technical specifications usually accompanying these documents. Our experience helps to ensure you aren’t agreeing to something you shouldn’t while complying with any directives from the court. ESI protocols frequently address areas such as data to be collected and searched, search methodologies, how to handle irrelevant and privileged documents, production formats, and timelines for all of the above.

One of the benefits of partnering with Precise in your data collection needs is that we bring our forensics expertise to the collection process, which helps to avoid issues around the forensic soundness of the collection. Our experts will work with you to identify, collect, analyze, cull, and retrieve all potentially relevant ESI while helping you avoid unnecessary spoliation risks associated with improper data collection. Collection often includes data sources such as smartphones, cloud-based email and storage, computers, tablets, server directories, and social media apps.

Our project managers leverage today’s leading technology to lower your total cost of discovery by streamlining workflows for rapid ingestion and production of your ESI. Precise’s expertise in search and data culling helps eliminate irrelevant data, saving time and money. Precise employs standard defensible processing steps to ensure that unnecessary data is filtered from the review stage and that the data that does make it to review is organized and meets production specifications. Such steps typically include deduplication, system file identification and flagging, error file flagging, maintaining email and attachment relationships, email threading, metadata extraction, text extraction or OCR, and conversion to images where necessary.

Review is often the most expensive and time-consuming phase of litigation. Precise offers industry-best review platform options depending on the requirements of your case, allowing your team to manage large volumes of ESI quickly and efficiently for any scale of document review.
Completely customizable and available anywhere you have an internet connection, our technology allows teams to work seamlessly across multiple locations. With our years of experience managing review projects, we can assist in setting up the review platform to meet your case-specific needs to improve the review process.

Precise’s project managers work directly with your legal team to manage each project’s scope and individual needs by addressing the current procedures, federal rules, and legal or regulatory requirements throughout your eDiscovery case. Our staff of experts and experienced PMs will help manage all aspects of your project by providing valuable status reports, documenting project changes and progression, and collaborating with internal operations to ensure the quality and timeliness of your deliverables. We understand that case needs and directives change as information becomes available and strive to remain flexible in adjusting to those changes as they arise. Don’t worry if you don’t understand all the technical aspects of eDiscovery; that’s what Precise project managers are here for.

Preserving Data vs. Copying Data: What’s the Difference?

Our forensics examiner Jeff Stiegler answers some questions about ESI and collection in this short clip.