Our Management Team

Peter L. Mansmann, Esq.

Email mansmannp@precise-law.com

Phone: 412-281-8699 ext. 103

Peter L. Mansmann, Esq., a partner with Precise, Inc., has over 20 years of experience in e-discovery and litigation strategy. Pete co-founded Precise in 2000 while attending law school and working in his father’s law firm. He was drawn to understanding and implementing technology to help attorneys adapt to the rapid infusion of data brought by the digital age and the impact that had on the discovery process and juror expectations. With his creative visual solutions and legal background, Pete established a reputable business, spending years assisting trial attorneys in developing strategies and presenting evidence. In 2007, Pete started Precise’s eDiscovery and Forensics division to provide sound resources to attorneys navigating the influx of electronically stored information (ESI), directly managing hundreds of eDiscovery projects. In 2016, he instituted Precise’s Advisory division, offering attorneys structured and statistical approaches to determine key elements in their litigation, including case valuation, probability of award, juror bias, critical concepts, and ideal juror selection. Pete’s multifaceted litigation-strategy expertise allows him to bring a unique holistic perspective to his work.     

Under Pete’s leadership, Precise’s e-discovery and digital forensics team has engaged in matters involving collection, analysis, searching, processing, production, and expert testimony in a broad array of cases nationwide over 15 years. He frequently shares his e-discovery and forensics expertise during seminars and CLEs. 

Pete attended Washington and Jefferson College and earned his JD from Duquesne University School of Law. Pete enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, woodworking, and entertaining during his free time. Known for his sense of humor (at least in his mind), you will likely find a smile on his face.    

William J. Saccani, Esq. President

Email : saccanib@precise-law.com 

Phone: 412-281-8699 ext. 110

William J. Saccani. Esq. is the president of Precise Discovery. He helps attorneys overcome electronic-discovery hurdles by assisting with processing, culling, reviewing, and producing case data.

Two decades ago, Bill entered the litigation technology space as a trial consultant outfitting courtrooms with audio/visual equipment and working the hot seat managing multimedia presentations for his clients. As the digital age reshaped document collection for litigation, Bill helped foster the growth of Precise’s eDiscovery division by bringing outside-the-box thinking and solutions to complex issues within the e-discovery lifecycle.

With his passion for problem-solving, tech savviness, and legal background, heading up Precise’s e-discovery arm is a natural fit for Bill. Applying his signature focus and determination to every project, Bill ensures accurate e-discovery processes, regardless of case size. He’s worked on hundreds of cases, from small sub-1GB data collection and processing to cases containing 4+TB of data.

Bill earned his bachelor’s degree from Duquesne University and his JD from Duquesne University School of Law. When he’s not tackling clients’ e-discovery projects, Bill enjoys cooking and spending time outdoors with his wife and three boys.

Jeffrey Stiegler
Digital Forensics Examiner

Email :stieglerj@precise-law.com 

Phone: 412-281-8699 ext. 113

Jeffrey Stiegler is a digital forensics examiner with Precise Discovery. Jeff began his career as an IT manager and has applied over 20 years of information technology experience to digital forensics projects, providing analysis and expert input on hundreds of cases. 

Jeff specializes in mobile device and computer analysis, device preservation, and server analysis and preservation. He regularly performs examinations for cases related to employment, transportation, intellectual property, family law, and a myriad of other civil and criminal cases. Jeff has participated as a panelist during presentations at legal conferences and has conducted webinars on data collection best practices.

Jeff has been admitted as an expert in digital forensics in both federal and civil courts. He has testified in several cases involving criminal harassment, wiretapping, improper computer usage, and commercial accidents. Jeff graduated from Duquesne University with a degree in information technology, where he also worked full-time for the Duquesne School of Law IT Department before joining Precise in 2007.

Jeff enjoys cooking, brewing beer, biking, hiking, and traveling in his spare time.