How Do You Lessen the Burden of Discovery?

Identifying, collecting, and analyzing ESI (electronically stored information) can add a layer of complexity to a case. In addition to sifting through paper records, there’s the added burden of reviewing and processing emails, electronic documents, social media platforms, websites, and more.

With Precise, we give law firms of all sizes the power to combine every aspect of eDiscovery in one secure and user-friendly solution.

Our eDiscovery Solutions include:

  • An entire suite of eDiscovery services to identify and isolate relevant electronic data
  • A skilled forensic staff to assist you with analyzing and reporting the evidence that is pertinent to your case
  • A managed services program that simplifies your eDiscovery processes and gives you a predictable expense model

As the technology available for eDiscovery evolves, it’s important for your firm to keep pace. Today, there are integrated solutions that can eliminate the need for disparate software programs that have historically compromised security or led to inflated costs.

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